The First Mobile Network Operator for IoT


In 2017 Hanhaa Launched Hanhaa Mobile, the first mobile network developed with the unique needs of The Internet of Things in mind. In line with Hanhaa’s goal of making the Internet of Things globally accessible Hanhaa Mobile ensures a frictionless, commitment free connectivity platform on which to develop your IoT solutions.

Whether your connectivity requirement is for EV Charging, Electronic Payment Solutions or Global Tracking, our progressive commercial model, coupled with our status as a UK OFCOM registered Mobile Network Operator make it easy.

We are here to make life easier for those pushing the boundaries of the Internet of Things with simplified price plans, simplified interaction and quicker routes to market. Powering the IoT. This is Hanhaa Mobile.

Why did we do it?

When developing our live tracking service, ParceLive, we needed a secure, cost effective and global connectivity solution to power our trackers across the world. With no service on the market that matched our needs we created our own. Now we are making that service available to you!

End to end security ensures that with Hanhaa Mobile your data never crosses the public internet. With the needs of the IoT in mind we’ve made it easier to manage your SIMS with data plans managed across your network and not on a SIM by SIM basis. No monthly charges and micro data packets on a per use basis mean that Hanhaa Mobile is pay as you go for the IoT.

End to end security

No Monthly Fees

Micro data charges across your fleet

Case Study

ParceLive is a live parcel tracking service enabled by mobile connected trackers that allows users to track the exact location, condition and security of their shipments in near real time globally.

The added security of Hanhaa Mobile means that those shipping expensive and sensitive items rest easy knowing that their data is in a safe place. As ParceLive trackers cross borders, hands and continents users of the ParceLive always retain a direct relationship with their shipment thanks to Hanhaa Mobile connectivity.

Hanhaa is a member of the RIPE organisation with its own allocation of IP version 4 and IP version 6 address ranges. This makes Hanhaa its own global internet service provider (ISP), allowing Hanhaa to own and control the data layer from the SIM card all the way back to Hanhaa core servers anywhere in the world today. It is this fully controlled end to end connectivity that makes Hanhaa Mobile a great addition to the ParceLive service.

Connectivity Services for IoT

    1. Global Data & SMS IoT SIM
    2. 160 Countries & Access to >700 MNOs
      • Private APN – VPN – Static IP Address
      • Zero Network Steering
      • GSM Network Redundancy via OTA Configurable Multi-IMSI/Operator Technology
      • Provides cover for 2G / 3G / 4G and all LTE variants.
      • Management Portal & API
      • Telephone & Email Support
      • Hanhaa or Customer Branded SIM Cards


Hanhaa Mobile services are enabled using 2/3/4FFS SIM cards or eSIM chips.

Commercial Pricing Model for IoT

Post Pay - PAYG

  • Billed Monthly in Arrears
  • Data is pooled across all ACTIVE SIMs
  • No Minimum Term*
  • No fee on suspended SIMs
  • Zero KB Rounding on EU28 Data Usage
  • Same Flat Rate for Overage
  • *MoQs Apply

Pre Pay - 1/2/3 Year Terms

  • Discounted & Fixed Pre-Pay Fee Structure
  • Data is pooled across all ACTIVE SIMs
  • Zero KB Rounding on EU28 Data Usage
  • Overage automatically reverts to MONTHLY PAYG (post pay) tariff
  • No fees on suspended SIMs
  • Option to PRE PAY further pooled-data
  • No fee on suspended SIMs
  • Same Flat Rate for Overage
  • MoQs Apply