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ParceLive reduces in price as volume increases.

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Easily receive, track and return tracker

What’s included

Package Contents

One tracked journey per tracker

Access to dashboard for data

Complete service user manual

22 days usage time

Customer support

Important information


  • Trackers are rented for a period of 45 days, providing invaluable data for the number of journeys purchased.
  • Once active each tracker has a battery life of approximately 21 days.
  • Trackers remain the property of Hanhaa and should be returned via Freepost after use.
  • Each package is subject to a deposit which will be fully refunded once Hanhaa confirms reception of all returned trackers.

Region and Coverage

ParceLive supports pilots in Europe and North America. Devices outside this region will be deactivated and the deposit will be charged.

General Terms

Recieve tracker(s) within 3-4 business days

22 days of tracking

Trackers should be returned to Hanhaa within 45 days after reception.

Non-return fee of €100

Return Instructions

Step 1

Remove the tracker from the parcel that it is inside.

Step 2

Push the button. This will terminate the tracking and will prompt the screen to change to a return address.

Step 3

Place the tracker by itself in any post box and you’re done! There’s no need to put on any stamps or additional packaging, simply push and post. Once the device has been received by Hanhaa’s distribution centre, your journey deposit will be refunded.

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